About Us

Back in the 1920’s, Walt Disney Studios invented the storyboard as a way to display drawings for making the early Mickey and Minnie Steamboat Willie cartoons.  Major movie makers, including Disney, still use them today as an aid in creating the vision of the storylines in modern films.

The storyboard system grew from there when Jerry McNellis learned how to use them in business applications for projects such as merging 5 major hospitals into one healthcare system and creating the world’s first 100% Electric Car – GM’s EV-1, just to name a few. 

Jerry then invented a system called Compression Planning using storyboards.  We manufacture the storyboards and provide all the complimentary equipment for him and the thousands of organizations worldwide that he has taught, coached and assisted.  [McNellis and Co.]

Our strategy is simple – get into as many meaningful conversations with leaders that we possible can.  The leaders and their core people are the experts in their field.  We are experts in a process with products that help them discover new insights into their own business. 

Our purpose is to reach, teach, and equip leaders to get answers to tough questions.

We see leaders returning to the basics of engaging their core people around meaningful issues in a collaborative, visionary environment.  It’s not the pins, cards, or storyboards that are the magic….it is the process and the engagement of people in meaningful, fulfilling work with measurable results.

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