We love our computers and electronic gadgets, but when you have issues or ideas that require a need to see the big picture consider using a 4 foot by 4 foot Compression Planning Storyboard. On a storyboard you can see it all using real paper, photos, sketches, art work, or ideas summarized on card stock that are pinned up in front of me. The storyboard is useful when trying to communicate these thoughts to other people because they too can see the ideas in relation to each other all at the same time.  Suddenly, the abstract concepts become tangible to everyone involved!

With a storyboard you can brainstorm in a way that most people have never done.  Flip charts limit the mobility of ideas.  Ideas captured on cards and pinned to the storyboard are easily moved or expanded upon.  As ideas build, often you want to move them around on the storyboard to put them in context with other ideas.


See the big picture using real paper, photos, sketches or artwork
on your 4x4 Storyboard!


If you use storyboard software… keep using it.  Instead of replacing your storyboard software, use a physical storyboard to expand your capabilities.  You can take the big picture ideas and spread them out over a much larger area compared to the computer screen.

Storyboard artists also love to use our storyboards to pin up their sketches and lay out the story to match their vision.  The storyboard artist can enhance their storyboard software by printing out their concepts and pinning them on the 4 ft. x 4 ft. storyboard to see the entire idea flow at one time.

Our products include storyboards, push pins, easels, cards, and other products to supply anyone with the tools needed to lead creative sessions in a collaborative group setting.  We also provide a rental service in which we can have all the storyboard equipment and supplies arrive ahead of you to your off-site facilitation location.

Professional services and training are available through The McNellis Compression Planning Institute.  McNellis  will come to your company to facilitate your strategic planning session and they are available to train you and your employees to carry out a Compression Planning session on your own. [The McNellis Company.]